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‘The Hills’ Season 4: Ep. 1

After much speculation and suspense, The Hills Season 4 is finally beginning.

As Season 3 ended with The Hills hottest couple heading for splitzville and Lauren finally getting her shot to go to Paris, there should be drama-a-plenty heading our way.

Unfortunately, as for Heidi and Spencer’s relationship ending, really it’s just hard to care anymore. Maybe it’s the whole plan-the-wedding plot line, maybe it’s Heidi’s general bitchiness, but it seems like the only chemistry these two have left is the kind that comes packaged as hair products.

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Plus, the only thing I’m really wondering is if Spencer can cover the rent on that fancy apartment in the Hollywood Hills all by himself. Maybe another job is in the works. Maybe Chippendales is hiring.

As for Lauren’s trip to Paris, at least there something’s bound to happen. After all, at some point or another, just about every cast member has claimed Paris has seriously changed their life.

So what could Lauren do in Paris that would be life-changing?

Maybe she decides to stop working for a magazine that pimps over-priced clothes to spoiled teenagers. Maybe she decides there’s more to life than speaking in clichés and hording shoes. Maybe she gives it all up to go work at a hospice for lepers–now THAT would be something worth watching.

But no, it turns out her life is going to change because, while in Paris, she gets a phone call from Audrina that “threatens” to ruin her trip. Looks like Brody has been seen whoring about town with another gal not two days after Lauren split.

Ever since MTV dropped that tidbit, the blogosphere has been buzzing with an endless parade of “how could he do such a thing?” but really, this is just reality television. If you didn’t cheat on the love of your life two days after she left town they would have to just call it, well, reality.

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Either way, we’re sure to be treated to Lauren on some kind of champagne-addled boy-crazy Parisian tear which, considering she speaks about five words of French, promises to be entertaining at the very least.

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