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Tuesday: ‘House’

[IMG:L]House — 9/8c on Fox

Unless you’re a Biggest Loser loser or so crazy about CBS’ NCIS and The Unit that you’ll watch their repeats, look no further than Fox tonight between 8 and 10 ET.

It’s arguably TV’s best–or at least most-watched–two hours, and both shows are new, a rarity these days.

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Of course, American Idol, having just kicked off its seventh season two weeks ago, will remain new through the end of May, but House, which follows Idol at 9/8c, is not immune to the writers strike, and there are reportedly just three episodes remaining.

That number includes tonight’s, in which House (Hugh Laurie) suspects a mysteriously paralyzed woman (Janel Moloney) of withholding information.

And in an oddly timed subplot, given that Christmas was over a month ago, the good doctor asserts his opinion on the hospital’s Secret Santa gift-exchange policy.

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