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8 Movies That Perfectly Explain Women’s Friendships

Friendships between women can be fun, complicated, and tough. We have different kinds throughout our lives, so it only makes since that a variety of movies are so right about how it is. Here are 8 movies that tell it like it is when it comes down to how women deal with each other.

1. Bridesmaids

Being a good friend sometimes means being happy for your girl even if it’s hard, and other times it’s about being there for her when she’s unhappy. Both Annie and Lillian struggle with this fact in this funny comedy.

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2. Life Partners

This movie shows the inevitable adjustment all women have to make with their friends when their best friend is no longer their soul mate. Late nights watching TV, being each other’s only confidant, and so much more changes once a serious boyfriend steps into the mix. This movie captures this very well.

3. Frances Ha

This indie shows how many friendships get strained by friends taking different paths. One friend might have a 9 to 5 job, while the other is still struggling to make ends meet. As long as you remember that you still love each other, it shouldn’t tear you apart.

4. Bachelorette

Not all friendships are healthy and this movie shows that. Some bad friends we have from back in the day still haven’t grown up, but we hold onto them for a reason. At least you won’t have a boring bachelorette party.

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5. Nine To Five

It’s sad to say it, but many women who work together bond over having a terrible sexist boss. Perhaps we don’t deal with it the way these characters do, but we daydream about such things.

6. Waiting To Exhale

There are times when you might forsake your lady friends for a man, but this movie proves that some men come and go while your friendships are there to stay! Who else will you turn to after you do everything but burn the house down after a fight with your husband?

7. Mean Girls

High school is crazy time, and friendships during then are (hopefully) the craziest it will ever be for girls. Some of the “friends” you have during this time are just your enemies who won’t say what they really feel to your face. You also change yourself to fit in because who doesn’t want friends?

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8. The First Wives Club

Sometimes you fall out of touch with your friends when you get married and start families, and what brings you back together could be an unfortunate situation like a death. But there is nothing better than reuniting with old friends and making you feel like at least somethings never change.

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