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10 Words That Mean Something Else To ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans

When you start watching Game of Thrones there are many things that change in your life. That includes what you associate with certain words. The fictional world of Westeros has its own languages, politics, creatures, and so much more. So it’s understandable how one can find it really hard to break away from that. So which English words mean something different to GoT fans? These ten aren’t quite the same.

1. Winter


Normal meaning:  The coldest season of the year, that tends to last three months.

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GOT meaning: A cold winter that can last many years killing crops and leaving the world dark. This also leaves Westeros vulnerable to creatures like White Walkers.

2. Crow


Normal meaning: A black bird with a heavy bill and loud voice.

GOT meaning: A member of the Night’s Watch that guards the Wall. Apparently they’re not cool people.

3. Wedding


Normal meaning: A joyous occasion where two people exchange vows and get married in front of their loved ones.

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GOT meaning: A usually terrible occasion where two people are forced to marry to merge some type of power. Might even have some (or many if the theme is Red) deaths at the reception.

4. Needle


Normal meaning: A very slender piece of metal with a point on one end.

GOT meaning: An awesome name for someone’s first sword.

5. Queen


Normal meaning: A female ruler who may inherit the position from birth or marriage.

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GOT meaning: A title given to rulers who are basic and not of the Dothraki people.

6. Trial


Normal meaning: Evidence being brought before a judge in order to decide whether someone is guilty or innocent of breaking a law.

GOT meaning: Sure evidence would be great, but trial by someone else fighting for your honor to the death is good too.

7. Sean Bean


Normal meaning: A great English actor who has been in The Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, and more. 

GOT meaning: Your first hardcore initiation into the emotionally draining Game of Thrones.

8. Dragon


Normal meaning: A mythical reptile monster that typically breathes fire.

GOT meaning: The things that make us root for Daenerys even when she makes awful discussions.

9. Death


Normal meaning: The end of a life of a living organism.

GOT meaning: Just another heartbreaking episode where you’re reminded all bets are off! No one is ever safe.

10. The Wall


Normal meaning: A specific piece of structure separating two areas.

GOT meaning: The one thing keeping Westeros somewhat in tact from White Walkers.

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