Jonah Hill Accidentally Emailed Drake His Food Diary

It’s no secret that Jonah Hill has been looking amazing since his days in Superbad. The actor has famously shed more than a few pounds — seriously, remember how we could barely recognize him Wolf Of Wall Street? We all know weight loss is hard, and just like the rest of us, Hill’s road to shedding the pounds hasn’t been without a couple hiccups.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Jonah Hill admitted he may have accidentally sent his food diary to Drake instead of his nutritionist.

After filming War Dogs, Hill wanted to shed a few pounds, and called up his buddy Channing Tatum (who looks seriously amazing) for advice. Tatum suggested he go to a nutritionist, so Hill obliged. The nutritionist suggested Hill send him a food diary to keep track of how he’s spending his calories. Of course, “Dr.” and “Drake” share a couple similar letters, so Hill ended up mailing his food diary to the famed rapper.

“I was just like at home, and I was bored, I was like ‘Oh, I didn’t email this guy.’ So, I wrote down like yogurt, like salad, chicken, whatever, and I sent it to him,” he said. “I was looking later, like an hour later, through my sent messages. He didn’t email back. He usually just says okay or something, and it must’ve been “Dr” because it was “Doctor,” and I’d send it to Drake.”

Unfortunately, Drake never gave Jonah any feed back. He was probably busy refreshing an ex’s Twitter feed and pining for her love. Come on, Champagne Papi! When that hotline bling, at least give some words of affirmation. Diets are hard!

Checkout the full interview in the video above!