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Lena Dunham Wraps Girls And Everything Is So Emotional


Girls, the show that’s both beloved and hated for the way it portrays millennial life in Brooklyn, New York, has wrapped after filming six seasons. We’re still waiting for the final season to air on HBO, but if it’s anything like Lena Dunham’s emotional posts from set, we’re not going to be able to handle it.

Late Friday night, Dunham posted a series of emotional Instagrams about the last day ever on set. Prepare to ugly cry.

On Thursday, Lena posted a teary-eyed message about wrapping every character but Hannah.


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But on Friday morning, it was officially over. 


She posted a bittersweet goodbye to her production team.


And here is where we all ugly cry — the emotional, final Instagram post about filming.


Seriously, Lena has a way with goodbyes.


As sad as it is, Lena lets us know we’ll have until January to start saying goodbye ourselves.


Even Allison Williams, who wrapped her scenes earlier in the week, stayed with her friends until the very end.


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Despite Lena’s indie success with Tiny Furniture, Girls is what turned her into a household name. The series was her first foray into television, and the show was so closely based on her life that ending it must feel like cutting off a limb. 

Even though show was highly criticized, it did break boundaries when it came to exploring risque topics like sex, body image and femininity. Lena was never afraid to show off her less-than-Hollywood-perfect body because her body most closely resembles that of the rest of us. Girls helped normalize being normal. It didn’t live up to Hollywood’s expectations of beauty or what a woman should be. In fact, the show focused on a group of very selfish, immature millennial women. To be able to write unlikable characters and have them grow in to warm, thoughtful adults over six seasons is a major feat.

Lena used her time with the series to unabashedly showcase the growing pains and selfishness that often comes along with being in your early 20’s. To many, it was the perfect representation of young adulthood and a truly accurate coming-of-age story that we got to watch (and still get to until the sixth season airs) unfold in real time, over five years. Many of us, like Lena and her characters, have grown up too.

It definitely feels like Girls has lived as long as it was supposed to, but it will be sorely missed!

Season six of the HBO series airs in January 2017, so make sure you’re stocked up on Kleenex by then.

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