Pauly D, Joe Jonas, & Dean Cain to Seek Love on Dating Show ‘The Choice’

ALTThe Choice, the Cat Deeley-hosted, Voice-inspired dating show, has finally revealed which celebrities will compete for a chance to romance the commoner of their dreams. The list includes reality show veterans Rob Kardashian, Pauly D, and the Situation, as well as musicians Joe Jonas, Romeo, and Taylor Hicks. The six episode series slated to air this summer on FOX will focus on male celebrities, but one episode will feature famous bachelorettes Carmen Electra, Hope Dworaczyk, Rima Fakih, and Sophie Monk.

So who could possibly win these stars’ hearts? Rob Kardashian should look for a laid back woman who won’t freak when his sisters listen in on their dates. Dean Cain needs a female comic book fan who’s always dreamed of being whisked away by a superhero. Pauly D and the Situation will probably have the hardest time finding love on the show. Since they’ll have their chairs turned away from their prospective dates, they won’t know which candidates are the perfect shade of orange.

Here’s the full cast list:


Pauly D

Tyson Beckford

Joe Jonas

Dean Cain

Rob Kardashian

Rocco DiSpirito

Warren Sapp

Finesse Mitchell


Jeremy Bloom

Jason Cook

Michael Catherwood

Seth Wescott

Parker Young

Ndamukong Suh

Dr. Robert Nettles

Taylor Hicks

Mike Sorrentino

Rob Gronkowski

Steven Lopez


Carmen Electra

Hope Dworaczyk

Rima Fakih

Sophie Monk


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