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20 Work Situations ‘The Office’ Got Perfectly

The beloved sitcom, The Office, was a hit not only because of the very funny Michael Scott (Steve Carell), but because the show had so much truth to it. Its characters weren’t doing anything very exciting. They simply sold paper. But they mirrored the things everyone has to deal with in a workspace and made them funny. 

1. Your desire to leave mandatory “parties” early.

2. Taking an unscheduled break in order to get away from doing something.

3. Watching the clock in order to leave.

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4. Having to work with people you can’t stand!

5. When a co-worker proposes to get crappy food for the party.

6. Awkwardly getting locked out the office, or being the last one to leave and not have a key to lock up.

7. Needing other co-workers to back you up.

8. Having to continue to work with someone you hooked up with.

9. When you’re ready to head out and you have to try and blow off any more work that might come your way.

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10. Getting unsolicited dating advice from co-workers.

11. Basically falling asleep during a meeting.

12. Having a little too match at the office party

13. Having one of those days where you just can’t!

14. When someone says something offensive in a “tolerance” meeting held by HR.

15. When you get a not-so-highly-regarded award from work and you have to pretend you’re flattered.

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Greattttttt, so can I get a raise?

16. Having to deal with your co-worker’s disgusting perfume or cologne.

17. You have been forced to resort to looking for professional help to deal with your difficult co-workers.

18. Getting hand-me-down items from co-workers because management is cheap.

19. Using office supplies to cut cost in your personal life.

20. Having an unpredictable boss.

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