CANNES: Enough With the Duck Liver

How much drama, how much champagne, how much fois gras (that’s duck liver) can be indulged in before the big crash? Even the clouds here are too tired to roll in (there had been reports of possible rain). It is yet another sunny, beautiful day with beach bunnies sprawled across the sand. Even though there are three more days of films, fetes and fun, things are slowing down at Cannes Film Festival and some pavilions are even starting to pack up. Not that that’s stopping stars from floating in.

Unfortunately, Dan Aykroyd is on location and unable to get here for the festival’s closer, “Stardom,” which explores the dark side of idolizing the super-beautiful and super-ficial. But Aykroyd co-star Frank Langella is expected. (Whoopi!)

In other Cannes bits:

Buzz is surging for Ang Lee’s already very popular “Matrix“-like martial arts frenzy called “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

Never skipping a beat, the boybanders of ‘N Sync pitched their movie, “‘N Full Swing,” even though there’s no script at the moment. Details, details and anyway, that’s the movie biz: half fantasy and half um, funding.

Gregory Peck, accompanied by his lovely wife and daughter, is enjoying the praise (in a very regal manner of course) lavished on Barbara Kopple’s documentary, “A Conversation With Gregory Peck.” Kopple’s last (and also terrific) film, “Wildman Blues” chronicled that um, idiosyncratic jazz-playing filmmaker Woody Allen during a European tour with his band.

Who needs summer camp when you have Cannes, Joan Rivers and John Waters all in one spot? Rivers‘ and Waters’ mouths never showed signs of tiring as they camped it up at the American Pavilion this morning. Who knew John Waters was so debonaire, especially at such an early hour, after a delicious screening of his latest, “Cecil B. DeMented?

The beat goes on …