ROLE CALL: Julia Eyes ‘The Mexican’

Never underestimate Julia Roberts‘ clout.

Daily Variety reports that the actress is showing interest in the action-comedy “The Mexican” and is considering taking the female lead. The pretty woman’s possible involvement in the $10 million dollar project is indelibly breathing renewed life into the formerly lackluster project, which saw the joint departure of “Fight Club” helmer David Fincher and megastar Brad Pitt early in its pre-production phrase.

The effect of Robert’s decision goes far beyond than just one star billing for the flick. Variety reports that many Hollywood insiders predict that Roberts‘ move might very well reignite Pitt‘s interest in recommitting to the male lead.

The flick is about a seasoned criminal who hunts down a legendary cursed pistol in Mexico while being pressured to change his evil ways by his girlfriend.

J.H. Wyman will script the film and “Mouse Hunt” Gore Verbinski director will take the helm.

HOUSTON, WE HAVE A DIVA: Whitney Houston‘s diva status is about to be forever immortalized on the silver screen.

Trade papers report today that Overbrook Entertainment and Brownhouse Production — companies owned by Will Smith and Houston, respectively — have acquired the remake rights to Jean-Jacques Beineix’s 1981 French thriller “Diva.” Houston is reportedly playing the title role of opera singer.

Houston and Smith seized the rights to “Diva” earlier this week. Ex-Supremes legend Diana Ross, no slouch in the diva department herself, previously had an option on the property, but it lapsed a year and a half ago.

The moody thriller follows a young postal delivery boy whose obsession with an opera diva ends up embroiling him in a web of murder and mystery.

DEUCE’S WILD: Ever wonder what “West Side Story” would be like without the songs and dances?

For those of you who answered: “‘Romeo & Juliet,'” stifle it, smarty-pantses. The Hollywood Reporter reports today that MGM has bought the North American rights to the late-1950s street-gang flick “Deuce’s Wild,” described as a “West Side Story”-esque story — except without the, yes, songs and dances.

Fairuza Balk (“The Craft”) is currently in final negotiations to stake the female lead. Possible male stars include Stephen Dorff and Josh Hartnett (“The Faculty”).

Set to be the sophomore directorial effort of Scott Kalvert (“The Basketball Diaries“), the flick is set to roll in front of the camera in mid-April.