Ryan Reynolds: ‘Jake Gyllenhaal is a Better Cook than My Wife’


Ryan Reynolds has risked the wrath of his wife Blake Lively by suggesting his new best friend Jake Gyllenhaal is a better master chef.

The Gossip Girl actress has become known for her domestic skills in recent years, after sharing her baking and lifestyle tips on her now-defunct website Preserve and on social media, but Ryan admits the mother-of-two has recently been handed a little friendly competition in the kitchen by his Life co-star Jake.

“You do these movies… and every time you work with people you’re like, ‘I’m gonna hang out with this guy all the time’, and you never see them again,” Ryan explained, “but Jake, I think he’s… easily the most interesting actor working in Hollywood today, definitely one of my favorites, and at the same time, he’s one of the kindest guys ever.

“We’re hanging out all the time, we live near each other. It’s great…”

Jake has been invited round to the couple’s New York home a number of times since filming wrapped on Life, and Ryan is impressed by what the Brokeback Mountain actor has cooked up for him.

“He comes over and… Blake is very good at cooking, (but) Jake just might be a little bit better. He can throw down,” the 40-year-old explained on Good Morning America. “It gets very competitive between those two.”

Life features Ryan and Jake and Rebecca Ferguson as astronauts on board the International Space Station, who discover the first evidence of alien life on Mars. The movie was directed by Daniel Espinosa, the same filmmaker behind Ryan’s 2012 action thriller Safe House.

Meanwhile, Gyllenhaal has long been considered one of Hollywood’s top celebrity cooks after impressing chef Mario Batali with his culinary skills and knowledge on his show Molto Mario in 2003.

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