Anderson Cooper Talks Getting His Ass Kicked In Egypt: Late Last Night

Anderson Cooper talked with David Letterman on the Late Show about his rough experiences in Egypt. Turns out, he was accidentally encouraging the mob to punch him in the head. Whoops. (Seriously, though, we’re glad you’re okay, Anderson.)

50 Cent told Conan about what it’s like to go home. Dude may be a multi-millionaire and may have sold millions of albums, but when he goes home, he’ll always be “Curtis” to Grandma, and being “Curtis” to Grandma means one thing: you get to shovel snow.

Nick Swardson talked about the Oscar lineup with Jimmy Fallon. Apparently, he was inspired to create the next great, Oscar-winner: Black Tron, which will feature numerous women on motorcycles, making out, and throwing frisbees in the air. Heyo!

Matt LeBlanc crushed the fantasies of women everywhere on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Turns out, back in the Friends days — when he was every woman’s wet dream, “How you doin?” — his hair was actually gray.