Pucker(man) Up! We Charted All of the ‘Glee’ Kisses — EXCLUSIVE INFOGRAPHIC

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Pucker up Gleeks, because we’ve got something that will make you fall head over heels. As we all know, Glee is a very incestuous show — in the best way possible, of course. The characters have exchanged so many kisses (to varying permutations within the same group of friends) that it’s enough to make you go crazy if you tried to ever map it out — but we did!

The Lima-lovers at Hollywood.com have created an exclusive infographic to chart all of Glee’s lip-locks from the past four seasons. Whether they were quick pecks, steamy make-out sessions, or even an overnight rendezvous, we’ve connected all the dots to bring you this handy-dandy hook-up guide. 

There are sure to be a few new smooches in Thursday’s Season 4 finale — fingers crossed for a few make-ups too! — so it’ll be interesting to see what a tangled web Glee will weave be by the end of Season 6. Before we say goodbye to our favorite McKinley High students for the summer, check out Hollywood.com’s Glee Kissing Chart below and take a stroll down lovers lane. 

 Hollywood.com Glee Kissing Chart

We’ve mapped out all the characters from Artie Abrams to Lauren Zizes to bring you all the couples that have ever canoodled on Glee. Want a bigger look at all the sweet lady kisses? Of course you do! Click here to view a larger version of our kissing chart in all its breath-mint fueled glory.

Dont miss the Season 4 finale of Glee this Thursday at 9 PM on Fox. 

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