Jon Hamm Sings an Ode to ‘Taxi’ — VIDEO

ALTWe love watching Jon Hamm play (possibly reformed) womanizer Don Draper on Mad Men, but the man should really be hosting his own variety show. He’s proven that he has the comedic chops on SNL and 30 Rock, and now he’s demonstrated his uncanny ability to improvise spoken word songs about ’70s TV shows.

In an online exclusive from the upcoming IFC show Comedy Bang! Bang!, Hamm sings a ballad about the show Taxi with help from bandleader Reggie Watts. He also impersonates the character Reverend Jim Ignatowski and shares his controversial take on the final season.

Bang! Bang! premieres on IFC, June 8 — and you can catch more of Hamm in his five appearances on the show’s podcast.


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