Michael Fassbender Gets Revenge on Viggo Mortenson: Late Last Night

Last night, Michael Fassbender appeared on The Late Show will a mission of revenge against his A Dangerous Method costar Viggo Mortenson, who, as a recent guest on Letterman’s show, spread rumors about Fassbender spending inordinate amounts of time on set hopping on one leg. Fassbender decided the only noble thing to do is to strike back with a rumor of his own about Mortenson…

Jennifer Garner visited The Tonight Show to recall recording the sound effects (and to demonstrate a rather strange one) for her love scene with Butter costar Hugh Jackman in the back of a van.

Anthony Mackie showed up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to discuss his aversion to Tom Brady and to insist to Jimmy that he works at a New York bar (inspired by the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail).

Finally, Will Arnett stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about hiding resentment from the cameras during Golden Globes speeches (mentioning a particular singer-songwriter who won this year), and to talk about his idea for an Up All Night spinoff in which he plays an intravenous drug user with no legs who lives under a bridge.