We’re Gearing up for ‘Teen Wolf’ 3B with A Trailer and Gag Reel

Teen Wolf 3BMTV

The Teen Wolf winter premiere is almost here! After months and months of waiting — albeit fewer months than we’ve had to wait in previous years — soon we will be reunited with our favorite Beacon Hills werewolves. 

However, if you just can’t wait for the second half of season three to premiere, you could always re-watch all 36 episodes of MTV’s supernatural drama. There are also a slew of short promos for Teen Wolf 3B on the MTV site and the gag reel from 3A has surfaced online. While the bloopers reel includes plenty of dancing and flubbing of lines (a must-watch for any Teen Wolf fan), the best way to get pumped for 3B is with the full-length trailer.

The Teen Wolf trailers are always exceptionally well put together, to the point that they’re just as good as the actual show. This one is particularly creepy since the second half of Teen Wolf’s third season is going to be a psychological thriller. Although, with a tagline like “Lose Your Mind,” there was never any doubt that some of the characters are going to go a little nuts.

So while we wait for 3B to premiere on Jan. 6, we’ll be watching the trailer over and over again in order to start piecing the season together. One thing is for sure: it’s going to be a good one.