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‘Chicago’ Broadway Musical in NYC: My First Time

Since seeing the musical movie Chicago for the first time in 2016 (I know I was late to the game), it has been hands down one of my favorite films. It’s grandiose, jazzy and full of life. But a few weeks ago, it suddenly occurred to me that while I love the movie so much, I have never seen the Chicago Broadway musical. That just isn’t acceptable. So, I gathered a few friends, booked a bus trip to New York City, and got my tickets to see Chicago The Musical.


Updates on Chicago Broadway cast

Before we get into my experience seeing the show, we have to share some updates about the cast. Beginning September 12, the roles of Velma, Roxie, and Billy will welcome new actors. Amra-Faye Wright will return as Velma Kelly, Brandon Victor Dixon will take on the role of Billy, and Angelica Ross will play the role of Roxie Hart.

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Both Amra-Fayne Wright and Brandon Victor Dixon are veterans to the stage. Brandon skills also stretch to TV and film as he has had roles in She’s Gotta Have ItThe Good Wife, and Modern Love.

Angelica Ross will be making her Broadway debut as the first openly transgender woman in a leading role on Broadway. The actress made her mark on the FX series Pose and American Horror Story: 1984.


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Roxie Hart has been played by superstars like Pamela AndersonBrandyMelanie Griffith, and so many more. Now, Angelica Ross is set to stun the crowd.

Chicago on Broadway is nothing like the movie

My day started in West Harlem, getting ready at my friend’s apartment, and deciding what to wear to a Broadway show— especially a show as glamorous as Chicago The Musical.

@hollywoodstreams A girls night filled with ✨razzle dazzle✨ Thank you @chicagomusical for an amazing show❤️ #chicagomusical #broadwayisback #broadwaymusical #girlsnightout #nycthingstodo ♬ original sound – Hollywood.com

My friends got into full glam and choose the perfect Broadway outfits. Then, we were out the door and on our way to the theater. We had to make a pit stop at a bar for a glass of Prosecco. It only added to the illusion of fanciness surrounding the night. 

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Walking into the Ambassador Theatre, I was expecting a huge, modern theater. However, I was pleasantly surprised to enter a relatively small, incredibly detailed, and beautifully built theater.

I patiently waited for the show to start, and I couldn’t wait to see how Chicago The Musical and the movie Chicago existed in the same universe together. 

The lights dimmed, the music started, and the crowd watched intensely as the play set the scene of 1920s Chicago. The story follows the tragic murder of Fred Casely (Brian O’Brien), and the main suspect is the one and only Roxie Hart (Rachel Schur). While there were vast differences between the film and the Broadway show, I felt as if Chicago The Musical came to life, without the in-your-face razzmatazz of the film.

Favorite moments from Chicago on Broadway

My favorite performance was Tom Hewitt’s tongue-in-cheek version of Billy Flynn’s “Razzle Dazzle”. I absolutely love how this theater number and the real world blend together so seamlessly. Women fanned Billy Flynn with feathers, and glitter fell from the ceiling, all while alluding to the concept of Billy turning a trial into a three-ringed-circus. It’s absolutely genius. The entire performance was so intimate, and for a second, I felt like I was a part of the production.

The conductor of the orchestra, Rob Bowman, was just as lively as the entire cast, and the orchestra was beautifully integrated into the show, giving an intimate feel to the production. While the stage didn’t have the frills and glitz of Chicago the movie, it didn’t need it. The Chicago Musical reminded me that Broadway isn’t about shiny props and material items, it’s about the songs and performers.  It was clear that every single person on that stage was destined for Broadway, and the crowd was witnessing the cast living out their wildest fantasies. It was truly magical to see everyone involved in Chicago The Musical live out their dream in such a big way, and that is what made it so inspiring to watch.

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Seeing Chicago on Broadway was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had, and I would see it 10,000 more times if I could.

Buy tickets to Chicago musical right here.

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