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‘Entourage’ Season Three: Ep. 42 “Adios Amigos”

Vince doesn’t end up playing casting couch with the prince’s wife, which leaves them looking for the money again. Meanwhile, the boys move out of the mansion—and into a suite at the Mondrian Hotel. E moves in with Sloan despite his friends’ warnings against “planting a flag,” while Turtle and Drama kick off their apartment hunt with a studio slum. A call from Shauna forbidding Drama to taint his brother’s image by living like a “transient crack whore” sends the pair to a $1.4 million condo that, through the sly art of negotiation, Drama buys for $1.5 million.

Vince and Eric luck out when Nick Rubenstein resurfaces with a hefty trust fund and decides to finance the flick himself. Too bad he’s offering less than half of what the studios estimated the budget would be. In a stroke of genius, E taps Walsh–the once acerbic director of “Queen’s Boulevard” who is now trying to “bring the class back” to porno–to direct “Medellin” on a shoestring budget. Rubenstein nearly backs out, when Walsh keeps calling him “trust fund baby,” but Eric assures him that while Walsh is rather large pain in the ass to work with, he delivers the goods. Rubenstein signs the check.

As the boys pour champagne to celebrate their first production, Walsh calls to drop the inevitable bomb: He plans to shoot the entire film in Spanish. Raising his glass, Vince shrugs it off, positing, “It could work.”

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