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‘Entourage’ Season Two: Ep. 11 “Aquamansion”

The crew are on the look out for new digs, and Vince immediately falls in love with one of Marlon Brando’s old homes. Since the house falls way outside of his price range, the “Aquaman” offer starts to become a bit more appealing to Vince. A slumber party at the Playboy Mansion serves as a welcome distraction for the guys, but Drama finds out he’s banned for life by Hugh Hefner. Turtle devises a way to sneak Drama into the party, but he’s soon found out. Some quick talking and a flash of memory allows Drama to get the ban transferred to Pauly Shore, and the crew are finally able to enjoy themselves. The relaxed atmosphere gives Vince a moment of clarity, and he decides to take the “Aquaman” role… so long as he gets approval on his super hero costume.

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