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Friday: ‘The Return of Jezebel James’

[IMG:L]The Return of Jezebel James — 8/7c on Fox

Fox’s midseason sitcom is as much about the return of Lauren Ambrose and Amy Sherman as it is The Return of Jezebel James.

Each is no stranger to TV.

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Ambrose was a key member of HBO’s Six Feet Under and its Fisher family until the macabre drama ended in 2005.

Sherman, meanwhile, co-created The WB (now The CW) staple Gilmore Girls; she returns to TV in much the same capacity with Jezebel, which she also directs and executive produces.

Veteran movie actress Parker Posey (Superman ReturnsChristopher Guest films) is onboard as well, playing a book editor who, unable to become pregnant, asks her slacker sister (Ambrose) for the minor favor of carrying her child.

Who knew pregnancy would become the ‘it’ source of comedy these days (i.e., Knocked Up, Juno)?!

Jezebel’s pilot is followed immediately by another new episode featuring Dianne Wiest as the sisters’ mom.

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