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‘Heroes’ Season 2: Ep. 5 “Fight or Flight”

Mohinder is pretty pissed at Matt for sending Molly into a coma by looking for Matt’s wayward father. In fact, he insists Matt go to Philadelphia to find the elder Parkman because if he did this to her, maybe he can take it away. Matt goes to see Angela in jail, but Nathan is there and wants to go with him to Philadelphia. Matt acquiesces and then suggests Nathan fly them there, you know, because it’s faster. “I’m not an airline,” Nathan replies.

They make it to the apartment, exactly how Molly described it. Matt is a little hesitant to knock on the door since he hasn’t seen his dad in 13 years, so Nathan knocks on it for him. No response, so they break in the door. The old man is there with a shotgun, ready to shoot, but then recognizes Matt. The elder Parkman, Maury, is on the alert since he received a picture of himself with the red helix painted over it. Guess that means he’s marked, too. He tells Matt that he, Angela, Nathan’s dad, Nakamura, Lindeman, et. al., found each other long ago and thought they could save the world. And why is Molly in a coma? Maury explains he was just protecting himself. Matt thinks he’s lying and tries to read his mind, but his dad blocks him. Oh, so the apple doesn’t far from the tree. Apparently, mind control runs in the Parkman family, but reading minds is only the beginning. Soon, Maury tells Matt, he will be able to do so much more.

In fact, he tells Matt to follow him into an another room, so he can show him something. When Matt goes in, he suddenly finds himself locked in a cell with a guard who sounds like he’s speaking backwards. Nathan breaks into the room to get to Matt, but he finds himself on Isaac’s loft balcony, surveying New York after the apocalyptic blast. Matt and Nathan are both living their worst nightmares. Then, we see Matt’s dad walk out of the apartment, grinning, and wishing them both pleasant dreams. Ah, so he really is Molly’s “Nightmare Man.” Is he also the same guy killing all the rest of them?

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Meanwhile, Mohinder calls Benne, who looks to be in Russia with the Haitian, to tell him what has happened to Molly. Mohinder wants to bring her into the Company for help. Bennet thinks he’s on crack, but Mohinder brings her in anyway. Bob tells him he did the right thing, and now he needs Mohinder to go out into the field to bring someone else in–using a tazor gun, if necessary. Mohinder isn’t too sure he wants to sign up for this. Suddenly, alarms are going off. Nikki, now the mean-spirited Jessica, comes storming in and grabs Bob by the throat. Mohinder tazors her to stop her just in time. Later, Nikki, feeling herself again but tied up to her hospital bed, tells Mohinder, who wants to free her, that she wants to be here. She wants to be cured.

In New Orleans, Monica is being questioned by the police about the burglar, but she won’t rat on the suspect because he’s a gang leader. Later, she talks to her best friend and confesses to her that when she sees something once, she can then duplicate it, which is how she was able to use those wrestling moves on the robber. When she gets home, Micah is playing the piano. Monica hasn’t heard such music since her mother died and tells Micah she never learned how to play herself. Still, she sits down and starts playing right along with him. Micah is a little surprised at her ability but the boy knows the source. He tells her it runs in the family, showing her what he can do with electronics. He figures Monica must be like the current hero he is reading about in his comic book–a copycat.

Micah thinks they should go out and test her power, so watching a group of girls double-dutch jump roping, Monica decides to try it–and does it brilliantly. Later, watching Bruce Lee karate moves on the TV, she does those flawlessly, too. Micah wonders what they are supposed to do with these powers? Monica says she doesn’t know, but it’s time for Micah to go to bed. Then, there’s a knock on the door. Monica opens it up to find Mohinder standing there. “I’m sure you have a lot of questions about what you can do. I’m here to help.”

Jumping over to Japan, Ando is having the ancient scrolls Hiro left for him in the sword examined because he can’t read them. When they are able to remove some of the dirt, Ando reads Hiro’s words. He says it’s been great following Kensei on all his legendary battles—and watching Kensei and Yaeko fall in love. But the last battle they have to fight to rescue Yaeko’s father will be the toughest one yet. They’ll have to fight White Beard and his entire army—just the three of them.

Matt and Nathan are still stuck in some very bad dreams. Matt sees his ex-wife with their baby, while she accuses him of abandoning them. Nathan faces his horribly disfigured alter ego, who blames him for the destruction. Then Matt is fighting the prison guard, and Nathan is fighting his ugly self, but actually, they are fighting each other. Matt wakes up first and finally gets Nathan to wake up. Nifty trick. Matt better hurry up and learn how to do that so he can help Molly.

And in Ireland, Peter and Kaitlin are in the flush of new love. Kaitlin is sort of pushing Peter to find out about his past and open the box, but Peter is still hesitant. Later, down by the docks, a fetching young blonde named Elle is looking for Peter. She says she works for a company who needs to make sure he’s OK, since he’s kind of dangerous. The guy Peter attacked earlier agrees and tells her where to find him–at Ricky’s pub. Then, as she’s walking away, he asks if Peter is so dangerous, what’s a little girl like her doing coming alone to get him? She turns the corner and as electricity comes shooting out of her hands, she says, “I can take care of myself.” Hmmm, I see.

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In the pub, Ricky warns Peter about Elle. He knows Peter loves his sister, so he tells him to go to her flat to hide out but not to let Kaitlin know anything about it. Ricky will take care of the blonde. Um, I don’t know about that. Sure enough, when Elle comes into the bar, and Ricky lies saying he’s never seen Peter, she locks the door and fries him with electricity. Yikes. Later, Elle is having a one-sided phone conversation with someone we can’t hear. She’s arguing that she had to do some improvising and that yes, she killed a guy, but it was unavoidable. It’s her first assignment and she nearly has Peter! Then Elle’s face falls. She replies, “OK, I’ll come home. Sorry, Daddy. It won’t happen again.” Daddy? Who’s that?

In Kaitlin’s apartment, Peter sees that his new girlfriend is a budding artist, with lovely paintings all over the place. Then he decides to open the box. It contains his passport–telling him his last name–a plane ticket to Montreal and a photo of him and Nathan. But it doesn’t give Peter any answers about who he is. Suddenly, a blank canvas calls to Peter. Accessing Isaac’s power, he starts to paint, freaking Kaitlin out a bit. After he’s done, the painting shows Kaitlin and Peter in what looks to be Montreal. Then Kaitlin gets a call. Running into the pub, Kaitlin screams for her now crispy-fried brother. Peter realizes he can’t run anymore and has to face whoever is after him. Off to Montreal!

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