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Monday: ‘The Soup Presents: The Soup Awards’

[IMG:L]The Soup Presents: The Soup Awards — 10/9c on E!

Surprisingly, Joel McHale and co. didn’t squeeze any snark-asm into the title.

But you can be sure that’ll be the extent of this special’s lack thereof.

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Year after year, to relatively little fan fare, the good people at The Soup watch the worst TV has to offer and then poke fun at it each week–“all for you.”

It’s easily the best remaining show E! has to offer these days, and it’s the antithesis of the network’s reality-heavy lineup (which, it’s worth noting, does do well ratings-wise).

Most hilarious is the fact that there exists an entire segment on the show devoted to poking fun at E!’s over-the-top series, and also that current host Mchale regularly takes jabs at the network’s golden boy, Ryan Seacrest. (In Seacrest’s defense, nobody takes constant cheap shots with such grace!)

Tonight is the show’s best offering of the year: its “Soup Awards,” which review 2007’s best and worst moments in pop culture. Likely featured prominently are Britney, of course, and The Soup’s ongoing Ann Curry gag, featuring the Today Show co-host butchering her lines with cringe-worthy results.

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