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Sunday: ‘Knight Rider’

[IMG:L]Knight Rider — 9/8c on NBC

Tough call here…

Should we be excited about being able to watch a movie remake of ‘80s TV for free?

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Or should we be wary about the fact that it’s playing on TV, not in movie theaters? (And the fact that the show itself was uber-cheesy to begin with!)

Either way, in comes NBC’s updated Knight Rider–which the network is apparently hoping to turn into a series if tonight’s two-hour event is well-received enough.

In the 1982-’86 series, David Hasselhoff starred as Michael Knight, who aided the powerless with more than a little help from KITT (the Knight Industries Two Thousand), his talking car, voiced by William Daniels. Back then it was a Trans Am.

The 2008 KITT–now the Knight Industries Three Thousand–is a souped-up Ford Mustang, voiced by Val Kilmer (after Will Arnett was initially cast), and All My Children star Justin Bruening is the new Hasselhoff, although the ‘Hoff does make an appearance. 

Deanna Russo (The Young and the Restless), Bruce Davison (Breach) and Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Death Proof) co-star for veteran director Steve Shill (Dexter).

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