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The Hills, Season 3: Ep. 26 Review

Really, you would have to go out of your way to try and come up with something this bad.

Even if we ignore the two early segments of ‘what are you wearing tonight’ high fashion advertising tucked in between four rounds of Lauren-did-this and Heidi-did-that pre-teen babble, what the hell else happened?

Well, we got to witness Stephanie doing her raised eyebrow look again.

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I’ll admit, that look had me fooled for a little while. I thought it was her way of saying, “Yeah, I know this show is absolute crap, but at least I’m getting paid.” Instead, I’ve come to believe this is what passes for intelligence in that household.

I think MTV should cancel this show and introduce another one called Punish The Parents, in which average Americans armed with toilet brushes and trash can lids, get to hunt and kill mommy and daddy Pratt. Instead, they’re considering giving Speidi their own show.

Perhaps the only thing more annoying than that is Audrina’s mouth. I get that she didn’t have any lips to begin with, but every time she gets confused (which seems to be every 10 seconds or so) she sucks them in and we’re treated to another round of the Fish Face Olympics.

Truly, it’s creeping me out.

Plus, I got to agree with the folks over on deadone.wordpress.com, who noted that Justin Bobby showed up looking a lot like Guy Fawkes in V is for Vendetta.

At least, burping aside, this guy actually looks like he’s worked a day in his life. Sure, selling crack to school kids is a far cry from toiling for Brent Bolthouse–wait, scratch that, there really isn’t much of a difference.

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And then there’s Lo. Just when you thought they couldn’t cast anyone dumber than Heidi, we get treated to this. Sure, she wants to be LC’s new roommate, just as badly as she wants to see her face on the cover of US Weekly.

For a show that consistently ignores the fact that it’s turned six de-facto morons into superstars, they decide to up the ante and add in someone who really wants to be famous for being an idiot to the role call.

Good job MTV. Kurt Loder must be proud.

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