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The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Ep. VII ‘The Demon Hand’ Preview

There’s stupid, and there’s stupidity.

Stupidity would be believing that the record breaking 18.3 million viewers who tuned in for the pilot episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles proved the power of James Cameron’s coattails (certainly nothing to bank on).

Stupid is the teaser Fox released for Episode VII: “The Demon Hand”

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Take Sarah’s dialogue, for example: “I wonder if God or the Devil or Death itself, is sending me a message from the future, all the way back through time: Machines, Sarah, Machines.”

Is she quoting Depeche Mode here or pimping for the new iPod? I can’t quite tell. Sure, the line reads almost Plan-9 From Outer Space bad, but is it much worse than the perennial all-star: “I’ll be back?”

Besides this faux pas, the rest of the show looks pretty good: John learns how his mom escaped from the mental hospital, Cameron takes ballet lessons and Agent Ellison goes a few rounds with a severed robot hand. It’s like 12 Monkeys meets Fame with some Idle Hands thrown in for good measure.

Plus, we get another cinematic reprise when Dr. Silberman (Bruce Davidson), the criminal psychiatrist from the Terminator movies, shows up again–meaning the show’s writers are still wrestling with trying to blend three movies worth of material into a weekly series.

Then there’s the rumors that Fox is thinking about canceling the show before those aforementioned writers really got out from under and up to speed. Unfortunately, since this is Fox we’re talking about, stupidity might be par for the course.

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