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Thursday’s ‘Survivor: Fiji Islands’

Survivor: Fiji Islands – CBS

Here comes the 14th season of Survivor, the show that began in 2000 and fathered the modern reality television movement in the process. As the longest running reality competition show, it’s been hard to remain fresh, year in and year out. We’ve seen the seasons fly by: the “All-Stars” edition, the controversial 13th season of separating tribes by race, and many other twists and turns–all to keep viewers tuned in. We’ve even seen a few of these reality ‘survivors’, like Elisabeth (‘Filarski’) Hasselbeck, graduate into full-fledged celebrities–leaving the grueling, hunger-induced contest a mere memory in the dust.

This year’s new twist features an immunity idol that’s hidden somewhere within each camp. Clues to its whereabouts can be found on Exile Island–the remote location where one contestant must spend the night every few days.

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It’s hard to tell just how much longer Survivor will have the chance to stay at it, but with consistently solid ratings and a prime spot on CBS’s Thursday night lineup, it’s safe to say it has the confidence of audiences and its network alike.

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Survivor: Fiji airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

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