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Party Over Here: Tribeca Fest’s Cadillac Lounge After-Parties Hit the Spot

[IMG:L]Party over here! It’s that special time of year again for film fanatics to come out and play in the hustling, bustling big apple.

The ambitious Tribeca Film Festival returns, celebrating its seventh birthday this year by hosting non-stop events for and screenings of dazzling indies throughout lower Manhattan, while welcoming new and old filmmakers, celebrities and enthusiasts from around the world to hop on its popular growing cult.

[IMG:R]One of the most tantalizing facets of the downtown festival begins after-hours, when lights, camera and action all ignite at dusk.

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Filled with ripe anticipation, this year’s Tribeca partygoers and repeat offenders embark on an eager prowl to uncover the urban hotspots, featuring the coolest after parties and premiere celebrations this city has seen in ages.

The designated hot spot for 2008’s Tribeca Cadillac Lounge after-parties was righteously located at the trendy, celeb hangout Tenjune, conveniently located in the splashy, oh-so-hip Meatpacking district. Always exuding an ambiance of high-power cool, the cavernous space thumps in tune with its chicly demure club crowd.

The festivities were kicked off with the Bart Got A Room after party, a buzz comedic indie about a boy’s misadventures in getting a prom date as his parents’ marriage fizzles. Fierce mama, Cheryl Hines showed up looking super hot in a short, pink fitted dress along side co-stars William H. Macy and Steve Kaplan.

Continuing the streak of magnetic post parties was the following night’s Tennessee fête.

[IMG:L]Musicians and artists alike came out to celebrate a much-talked-about flick in Tribeca’s Discovery Section starring none other than Elvis-record-topping songstress Mimi, aka Mariah Carey.

Looking super hot, the newly engaged Ms. Carey sported a pair of tight black jeans with a sexy crisp, white-button down that played a slight game of peek-a-boo with her bra. But her new mega diamond stone hid not! 

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Additional party people who graced the Tennessee party scene with their presence were rapper Da Brat and Lenny’s daughter Zoe Kravitz, also daughter of Lisa Bonet–from whom Zoe has luckily inherited striking cheekbones. All guests were channeling mellow-cool, in the handsome, dimmed club setting.

[IMG:R]Sunday evening’s perseverant partygoers retreated back to Tenjune for more drinking, mingling and dancing at the Theater of War soiree. Among the gleaming attendees were director John Walter, and Hollywood royalty daughter Mammie Gummer who represented for her mesmerizing mom Meryl Streep, starring in the film that draws a behind-the-scenes portrait of a stage production.

The final Tribeca Tenjune after-party celebration took place on a rainy night, yet packing in an exuberant crowd; the War, Inc. shindig exhibited an undeniably cool vibe–much like the Cusack penned satire’s lively pulse. 

Within the diverse crowd one could spot a ravishing pretty-in-black Hilary Duff accompanied by sis Haylie Duff–as well as Chazz PalminteriRobert Davi and Christopher Meloni. Decked out in tailored suits, the three statuesque men walked in with a commanding swagger, very reminiscent of a scene right out of Godfather.

[IMG:R]As usual, the ambiance at Tenjune was super suave. The resident DJ spun cool ’80s and ’90s tracks, while cocktail waitresses passed out a variety of wines to trend-setting guests. Whether dancing, gawking, chilling or mingling, the Tribeca after-parties were a hit as always.

Besides, how can anyone go wrong by rubbing elbows with celebs while sipping on dry martinis at New York’s hottest lounge du jour?!

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‘Til next year, I’m off to catch some zzz’s and recharge my batteries.

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