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VH-1 Fashion Awards Poll

Music and fashion have been gettin’ it on for some time now. The link between the two is as plain and clear as Courtney Love’s front-row seat at a Versace runway show. Lately this steamy, inter-industry love affair is more in-your-face than ever.

Witness the VH-1/Vogue Fashion Awards.

“The annual VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards is renowned for its unprecedented mixture of designers, models, rock stars

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and show business luminaries whose combination creates an unsurpassed night of fashion, music and entertainment,” or so reads the official press release.

We want you to decide which luminary had the best sense of style at the 2001 VH-1/Vogue Fashion Awards. We’ve nominated eight lovely ladies, and it’s up to you to choose whose fashion sense ruled the night.

Click here to vote for the celeb with best fashion style!

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