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Wednesday: ‘American Idol’

[IMG:L]American Idol — 8/7c on Fox

Say what you will about American Idol and its widely publicized decline in viewership this season–at least we’ve had the ideal finale.

Having the two best square off against each other for the Idol title–as opposed to a Jason Castro type who might’ve slipped through on popularity alone–is all you can really hope for from this show.

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And that’s just what this all-David finale is: the week-after-week top performers.

David Archuleta and David Cook really couldn’t be more different in every way, but neither is a fluke in making it this far. (Although if Cook is to be believed, it’s a fluke that he’s on Idol at all since he only went to the auditions in the first place to support his brother.)

Of course, it’s going to take a while–almost a full two hours–to get to the climactic announcement we’ve all been waiting for.

Idol is notorious for its filler (a.k.a. excuses to cut to a commercial) on results night, and this Wednesday is the granddaddy of all results nights.

The top 12 will be reuniting tonight, as is tradition, and former Idol/current music giant Carrie Underwood has been confirmed. Beyond that, the long celebrity guest list is anyone’s guess.

But given the aforementioned ratings dip, expect Fox to bring out the big guns.

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As for the Duel o’ the Davids, it’s thankfully somewhat neck-and-neck, although the much younger David (Archuleta) probably had the slight edge going into Tuesday night, a night on which all three judges proclaimed him superior to Cook in no uncertain terms.

However, all bets are off when it comes to the finale, especially since throngs of people purposefully vote for the underdog–yes, corrupt voting is a factor! The funny thing is, at this point, winning the show doesn’t even really matter all that much; both Davids are very commercially viable post-Idol, and both will have several record-contract offers lined up–if they don’t already.

In my opinion, though, Cook seems ready for radio-friendly hits, while Archuleta still seems a little more Star Search than American Idol. But as Simon Cowell would say, it’s just an opinion!

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