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Top 10 Horror Trailers on our YouTube channel

It’s spooky time, and while I could give you a list of top 10 horror trailers, but that’s been done before. We have a YouTube channel (subscribe here) and horror is always very popular, but we wondered, what is the most popular? So we figured it out, and here’s the list of top 10 Horror trailers.

10. The Devil Inside current views 2.2 Million Views

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You’ll notice a trend on this list, it’s not mainstream horror. The first film is called ‘The Devil Inside’. A mom murders during an exorcism, and now the daughter wonders is there an evil that’s been transferred to her and is it just a matter of time before she starts to kill. She tries to help her, and we get a ‘The Exorcist’ film if it was updated today.


9. Bait 3D – current views 2.4 Million Views

A beach town is flooded, and worse there is a 12-foot great white shark in the water. The characters are stuck inside a grocery store, and it’s up to them to survive – all coming at the viewer in 3D.


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8. Paranormal Activity 3 – Trailer 2 – 2.5 Million Views

The Paranormal Activity franchise kind of blew everyone away. The first was low budget and really frightened everyone asking “is this real?”. The second, well, I’ll get to that one later (spoiler), but in the number 7 spot is Paranormal Activity 3. Again featuring home video, the family would video weird happenings in the house that specifically happens to their youngest daughter. She would have an invisible friend, who might actually be there.


7. Contracted – 2.53 Million Views

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At a high school house party, a young girl meets a guy when things go too far. After, she starts getting health problems and starts deteriorating quickly. People may have clicked because two girls are kissing, but what they got was a warning about unprotected sex.


6. Chernobyl Diaries  – 3 Million + views

Chernobyl was a pretty fantastic series on HBO that focused on what went wrong during the Chernobyl meltdown. After the entire city was a nuclear hotspot, including the Elephants Foot (look that up when you get some time). This film follows a group of young adults who decide to go there on a vacation trip. You can actually go to certain spots for a limited time, with a Geiger counter and masks, but this movie takes it one step further. The group is stranded there with something.


5. Splice – 4 Million + views

Science can be great and help the entire world, or it can create something that destroys. In this film, scientists work with DNA and cloning and create something that is a literal killing machine. This is one of the few films on this list with a well-known actor in Adrian Brody but the pianist didn’t take this one lightly.


4. I Spit on Your Grave – 5 Million + views

A writer is raped and left for dead. What her would-be attackers don’t know is she survived and she’s out for revenge. This film came out in 2010 and recently there was a sequel released called ‘I Spit on Your Grave 2; Deja Vu’.


3. Knock Knock – 7 Million + views

It’s easy to see why everyone clicked on this trailer. This film is from acclaimed horror director Eli Roth. A father (Keanu Reeves) stays home after his family goes on vacation when two attractive girls show up needing help. Things get sexual, then the two refuse to go away.


‘Paranormal Activity 2’ Trailer – 19 Million + views

Told ya another Paranormal Activity film would be on this list. After the first film, people were very excited for a sequel, and they provided. Still featuring homemade videos, This one is a direct continuation of the first film, and there’s not much to it, but as I said; people were really excited for a sequel/some closure.


The Human Centipede – 31 Million + views

I personally want to thank South Park for the views here. Season 15 Episode 1 had an episode called “HumancentiPad”, and every time it airs people wonder “what the hell was that a parody of?”. Curiosity gets the better of them, they search for the trailer and find this. It is gross, gory, and full of horror, and apparently medically possible.

Fun Fact, this is what the human centipede looks like when they aren’t attached to eachother.


Human Centipede would later become a trilogy, but the first one that started it all is number one in our horror views.

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