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10 Reasons Why Carrie From ‘Sex And The City’ Was Actually The Worst

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Sex and the City will forever remain one of the most iconic television shows in history. For six seasons we watched four best friends navigating the choppy waters of being single women in New York City. We were all led to believe that the central character, Carrie Bradshaw lived the most amazing life and had the coolest personality. However, the truth is, Carrie was actually the worst character on the show. Here are the reasons why she was actually the absolute worst.


1. Carrie was constantly complaining.

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Whether it was about not having any money, her shoes hurting, a guy treating her bad or not being able to smoke a cigarette, it was always one negative thing after another.

2. Carrie was a huge smoker.

No matter how you try to spin it, smoking is gross and unattractive.

3. Her fashion sense was not all that. 

Sure she had a killer body, but most of her fashion risks were a big fat fail.

4. She had TERRIBLE taste in men. 

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From Mr. Big, to Burger, to Alexander Petrovsky, she constantly gave her time and emotions to guys who didn’t deserve the kind of love she wanted to give.

5. She cheated on the one amazing guy she was able to lock down. 

We love you Aiden!

6. Carrie had a very annoying “damsel in distress” routine.

It was not not cute or charming.

7. She always picked on her friends for their bad dating choices.

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But she would get super offended when they had something to say about hers.

8. She used her friend’s lives and dating misadventures to earn a paycheck.

But never did anything relevant to thank them.

9. She always had an excuse for EVERYTHING.

But she rarely owned up to being lame in any given situation.

10. Her way of consoling always came off condescending and judgey.

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