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10 Things Only A ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fan Can Relate To

Grey’s Anatomy fans are like no other, especially if they have stuck with the show since day one. They have seen many inoperable cases turn around for the better. They’ve seen everyone from interns to surgeons hook up in any room they can find in the hospital. They’ve seen any possible kind of tragedy play on the series finales. So all of that means that only the fan base can relate to these ten things. Are you a true fan that can get them all?

1. Knowing what a huge feat this is:

harrysbae007: so true…Tumblr/ABC

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2. Saying this at least once to your best friend: 

dan-has-hobbit-hair:</p><br /> <p>meredith and cristina. <br /><br /> Tumblr/ABC

3. Believing you’re now qualified to give medical advice.

l0lar: This is me. This is exactly who I am. Hahahahahaha Tumblr/ABC

4. Remembering how much you fell apart watching this scene.

allgreysanatomy-confessions: I am re-watching the series and I’ve never cried as much as the scene where Izzie sees George when they are both dead… Starting season 6 right now..Tumblr/ABC

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5. Why Ellen’s tweet basically wins twitter.

greysanarchy:</p> <p>The rest of Twitter can go home byeTumblr/ABC

6. Why this is so accurate:


7. Or how this weird statement is so true!


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8. Who this sentence is actually about:


8. How “inoperable” really doesn’t have the same meaning on the show.

Classic McDreamy.Tumblr/ABC

9. Having a true love/hate relationship with Shonda Rhimes.


10. How romantic…yet ridiculous this was.

A submission from deepsouth!Tumblr/ABC

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