Anatomy of a Comment War: The Hills Are Alive With Angry Carrie Underwood Fans

Carrie Underwood, The Sound of Music LiveNBC

One thing’s for sure: Carrie Underwood never need question the dedication of her fanbase. When we posted a little guide to getting the most fun out of watching NBC’s special television event (even if it’s a misfire), we had no idea we’d be inspiring a comment war for the internet history books.

Despite the main argument being that the general concept of the show and NBC’s lack of success in mounting anything similar spell out its likely doom, Underwood’s fan club took it personally. Nevermind that the worst thing we said about the show’s star is that she’s miscast in the role; the comments section would have you believe that we launched a full-scale attack on Carrie. Questioning her casting is akin to “kicking a puppy.” We were told that no one is allowed to express an opinion that differs from “Team Carrie” unless one holds the same amount of Grammys that the singer does. (We’re working on that one.) We had no authority to criticize the decisions of the producers because they also produce “the actual Oscars.” And no one ever complains about those! Some Stephen Moyer fans stepped into the fray even though our singular comment about him was that he looks good with his shirt off. Sue us.

By suggesting viewers live-tweet the show, we were “encouraging cyber-bullying” and “forming a hate group, which, by the way is illegal.” In the words of one commenter, “No wonder the world is in such chaos.” With emotions running so high, it was inevitable that a flame war within a flame war take shape. Soon the fans were turning on each other, arguing over who is more dedicated to Carrie. This is what happens when you take this internet business too seriously, friends. Drama!

Meanwhile, plenty of readers shared our trepidation about the special and committed their Thursday night to hate-watching with us. It’s so close, we can taste it! Are you tuning in?