Must-Follow Twitter Accounts For ‘Scandal’ Fans


ABC’s Scandal is one of the most popular shows on television right now, and there are about a million reasons why. Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is amazing. The Gladiators are getting hotter and hotter every season. And then there’s Huck, everyone’s favorite [somewhat] reformed killer. But the fans of Scandal are just as much a part of the show’s success. Every Thursday we take to Twitter to collectively lose our minds over the ongoing drama, and we know just who to tweet. Here are five accounts you absolutely have to follow if you’re a #Gladiator or a #PopeHead.


The Scandal creator (and total genius) is a blast on Twitter. She loves tweeting before, during, and after new episodes, and she’s also notorious for retweeting her fans. If you want the occassional inside scoop on how the cast is doing on set, or what went down at the table read for an upcoming episode, you should be Twitter stalking her right now. She also loves sharing bits and pieces of Scandal in pop culture. For example, she tweeted out this gem for all of us who hadn’t yet heard of Cartoon Scandal:


Obviously, Olivia Pope herself deserves a follow. While she occassionally tweets fans, Kerry is also big on sharing news about her fellow Gladiators from the show. It’s great fun to watch interactions between her and the other cast members like, Darby Stanchfield (you should probably be following her too). 


Your destination for all things Scandal, this is the account you’ll be referencing in pretty much all of your tweets on Thursday night. Just before a new episode fans and followers are often be treated (tweeted?) to teeny, tiny spoilers — reason enough to hit the “Follow” button right now.


How many times have you been watching Scandal and thought to yourself , ‘Who comes up with this stuff and why aren’t I following them on Twitter?’ Exactly. It’s highly important that you follow this account, so that you always have someone, specifically, to tweet/blame when you lose your mind over Olivia and Fitz getting back together(-ish) or Mama Pope being alive and totally creepy.


One of the beautiful things about Twitter is that it builds bridges between obsessed super fans the world over. Think you’re the only one obsessed with Scandal? Twitter will soon teach you otherwise. Think you’re tweeting about Scandal way too much? @ScandalOpsessed will teach (tweet?) you otherwise. This account is so thorough in its fandom, you could almost not follow the cast and crew of the show, and just get all your info via the retweets from @ScandalOpsessed. This is definitely someone you want in your feed when scandalous ish is hitting the fan.