Leanne’s Spoiler List: Stephen Amell Teases Shocking ‘Arrow’ Finale Death, Series-Changing Scoop on ‘Psych’ and More!


This week’s edition of Leanne’s Spoiler List features five fanstastic shows that will make you giggle with excitement and gasp from all the amazing moments that will soon flood your TV screens. Let’s get right into it and talk some trash about the season finales of Arrow and Psych, a great guest spot on The Middle, the premiere of Baby Daddy, and everyone’s favorite serial killer drama Hannibal (well, at least until The Following comes back).

1. Arrow: Holy S**tballs!

This season on Arrow it’s been one crazy roller coaster ride of awesomeness, and when the finale airs tonight be prepared to for your jaw to hit the floor and your heart to skip a beat. Star Stephen Amell — a.k.a. the world’s most wonderful human — promised me that we’re going to get a lot of character shifts in tonight’s episode, entitled “Sacrifice.”

“The neat thing about the finale is that so much of this season has just been with people with facades,” Amell explains. “Towards the last two episodes, all of those just melt away because danger is so perilously close. We get to see characters interacting in a way that they haven’t all season.”

Emily Bett Rickards, the amazing girl behind Team Arrow’s IT expert Felicity Smoak, promises tonight’s hour is going to be even more action-packed than what we’ve seen so far… and who would have thought that was even possible? “It’s bigger than you can imagine. I don’t think I breathed [while] reading the script,”Rickards says with a smile. “There is so much going on…It’s exhausting. I hope you all sleep well after watching it.” Nope. We’ll be too busy tweeting about it!

Rickards has been promoted to series regular for Season 2, so what can we expect to see from Felicity next year? “I expect to learn more about her outside lair life,” Rickards predicts. “I think as a regular you have to see more of her as opposed to just being in the lair. She probably doesn’t leave the computer too often, but maybe she’s working out now, maybe she’s going on a few runs in her free time. She’s got to stay fit somehow!”

I’m currently doing a happy dance right now — and you should be too! Why? Well the fact that Rickards is coming back next season means that she survives tonight’s finale! Unfortunately, one character will not be so lucky. I know for a fact that one of our beloved Starling City residents is going to die in tonight’s finale, and while I cannot tell you who it is, I can leave you with these vague and ominous words from Stephen Amell: “Really crazy stuff is happening and no one is ever safe.”


2.Psych: A Game-Changing Finale

Hmm… I’m sensing that you would like me to give you some Psych spoilers from the show’s Season 7 finale. So here goes! In two weeks — that’d be May 29 for all those without a calendar or simple mathematical skills — Psych’s season finale, “No Trout About It,” will see a new case alter the series as we know it.

This episode has everything! Murder, intrigue, new characters, snow cones, a high-speed chase, Shawn’s dad hitting on some random lady, and a member of the Brat Pack! That’s right Weird Science fans, ’80s star Anthony Michael Hall guest stars in the finale as Harris Trout, an impeccably dressed yet extremely eccentric police consultant who is recruited by the mayor to help make the SBPD run more efficiently.

Believe me when I say this is one extremely odd fella — and that’s saying a lot since we’re talking about Psych, the leader in quirky TV characters. Fun fact: Hall’s appearance on the comedy makes him the the fourth member of the big screen’s “Brat Pack” to appear on Psych, following in the footsteps of Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, and Judd Nelson. Aww! All we need is Emilio Estevez and we’ll have the entire Breakfast Club as Psych alums!

Anyway, back to the episode. Shawn and Gus are called in to investigate a very special case involving the murder of a man who isn’t even dead yet. The victim has actually been poisoned and he comes to our dynamic duo for help on finding his killer — but of course things are not always what they seem and there are plenty of twists and turns along the way. I’ll leave you with this little nugget: This season ends on a huger than huge cliffhanger and the entire premise of the series could forever be changed. Dun dun duuuun!

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC

3.Baby Daddy: A Change of Heart

Confession: I think ABC Family’s Baby Daddy is hilarious. It’s quick-paced, filled with fun yet relatable characters, and features a baby that doesn’t talk (Lily from Modern Family is my nightmare). 

Here’s what you can get excited for in Season 2 – which premieres Wednesday, May 29 bee tee dubs: Ben is kinda, sorta, totally into Riley, Riley is still super into Ben, Danny is dating a Russian supermodel, and Tucker’s dance moves have never been better. Oh, and Bonnie uses Emma as baby bait to hit on a man — but what else is new?

Throughout the Season 2 premiere, Ben is desperately trying to prove to Riley that he’s not “that guy” but unfortunately actions speak louder than words. Let’s just say that by the end of the second episode, there’s not one but three guys vying for Riley’s heart. 

Luckily I will be having lunch with the cast next week so feel free to hit me up on Twitter and I will pass along all of your burning Baby Daddy questions!


4. Hannibal: Fit For a Fiddle

Fannibals will find Thursday night’s newest installment of Hannibal to be music to their ears. The episode, titled “Fromage,” is anything but cheesy. Now, cheese may be everyone’s favorite thing (I’d like to think that’s a scientific fact), but everything is far from gouda in the lives of Will and Hannibal (sorry about the lame cheese pun).

First up, sexual tension is mounting between Will and a certain potential paramour and many questions will be addressed. Will there finally be a lip-lock between these two? And if so, how will it affect their friendship? The whole thing will have certain folks jumping for joy while others will worry about the potential fallout.

But keep in mind that Will isn’t the only one with secret admirers — Hannibal has one as well! Food for thought: Murderpeople are quite curious with the way they exchange secret messages. This week’s serial killer is fascinatingly grotesque and focuses on the one thing we know Hannibal respects above all: the arts. Also, a character we’ve known since the pilot will be fall victim to music’s sweet sound.

But don’t get so baroque-n up about it (now a bad music pun), because the developments that follow the not-so-shocking-but-also-yes-totally-shocking death will lead the bromantical relationship between Hannibal and Will down a different path. All the mind games and manipulation have reached a breaking point, and there’s no way all of this can be wrapped up neatly with a bow. At least Will’s seemingly deteriorating mental state will make sure of that. Oh, and bonus points if you can spot the reference to Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs in this episode!

Credit: Michael Ansell/ABC

5.The Middle: Jack is Back!

When we bid adieu to 30 Rock earlier this year, it was a difficult time because I’ve absolutely adored seeing sweet-as-pie Kenneth on my TV screen each and every week. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Jack McBrayer would be guest starring on one of my favorite comedies: The Middle!

I had the extreme pleasure of chatting with McBrayer in anticipation of his hilarious role in tonight’s episode, “The Ditch,” and to answer your question: Yes, he is just as delightful as you would hope — and so is his new character. “I play dentist Dr. Goodman. He hires Frankie to work in his office and he’s kind of like a big man-child,” McBrayer says with a laugh.

Since McBrayer will be playing a dentist tonight, I made sure to ask him if he took and extra measures to make sure his chompers would be pearly white on camera. The actor exclaimed, “Why of course, Leanne! My teeth are like my bread and butter. They’re so big, so you can bet I made sure they were sparkling before I came to set.”

Just like Kenneth, Dr. Goodman is what we’d call a people-pleaser. McBrayer explains, “He’s not really one for confrontation so Frankie’s at times overbearing and mothering personality kind of pushes him over in the office.” Well, that’s a bit of an understatement! When Frankie alludes to a line full of people that she’s a doctor, she tries to keep up the charade and take charge of Dr. Goodman when one of the people she fibbed to shows up at the office. Yikes!

McBrayer’s character is very similar to his 30 Rock alter ego, meaning that he’s about as frightening as a basket full of kittens.Don’t believe me? Take a look at this clip from tonight’s episode to see his lack of ferocity for yourself!

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Who do you think will die on tonight’s Arrow finale? Excited to see Will get some action on Hannibal? Eager to see Jack McBrayer’s return to TV tonight on The Middle? Tell me everything in the comments below!

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