‘Lost Girl’ Recap: Crow-Nuts!

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This week on Lost Girl, Bo has a powwow with everyone to show them the jar of black smoke from last episode. The only way to possibly explain the importance of opening it is by literally using the word “taken” more times than Liam Neeson on a rescue mission. What’s inside? It’s another lame bird Fae. This time it’s a crow. He agrees to help Bo return to The Wanderer if she helps him take down his brother and ex-wife. Bo has a severe case of Wanderer obsession because she agrees to go… alone. When will these kids realize you can’t trust people who extort favors from you?

As expected, Bo gets betrayed. It turns out the crows have beef with The Wanderer, who turns out to be their dad. He wants Bo, so they want to kill her. Her only means of escape is to fall through a grave into a Hell dimension. But what need explanation is whether or not this graveyard is on Earth or in another dimension. With that question still at large, we meet the queen of the Hell Dimension: a busted Cruella Deville clone named The Leviathan. She tries to steal Bo’s soul but the weird glowing boob-smack handprint prevents it. It turns out The Leviathan has wanted the mark for 600 years. She challenges Bo to a mortal…riddle battle? Bo outsmarts her with the biggest riddle of all. A riddle so difficult the writers of the show can’t figure it out. Who should Bo choose – Lauren or Dyson? Luckily, we finally get the answer.

Bo escapes, but The Leviathan reveals someone Bo loves will die. Dun dun dun Bo quickly dispatches with the crows. But when she’s down to two crows she’s seemingly trapped. Until, conveniently, Dyson and Lauren show up. How did they find her if this graveyard was only accessible by teleportation? Dyson and Lauren are really bordering on becoming their own couple, and shall henceforth be known as Lysol. Dyson has been very flirty with the doctor. However, Lauren makes it abundantly clear she’s strictly Lady Loving Cool Jane. It’s also funny to see LL Cool Jane with her weapons of choice… syringes.

Kenzi and Tamsin enlist Trick for help with Bo. He throws major shade and refuses to help a human and a lowlife. It seems like we’re starting to see a darker side of Trick. Is he going to go Dark Trick and have to die? Is he the one who died… like the gypsy woman said? The girls find the book. It’s the book that Trick uses to do his blood magic. They search for some of his blood to change history. They finally find blood hidden in a Japanese paper box.

Trick visits a Luduan to help him learn a secret hidden in his memory. Luduans are Fae that use hoodrat manicures to force the truth. The Luduan forces Trick to reveal some major truth. Trick was a bad-ass king, emphasis on bad. He used his power to wipe out people for “the greater good.” He reveals the person he loves most in the world is… himself. Finally, he reveals he banished Rainer from history. We are not just talking text books; he was literally wiped from existence.

Kenzi and Tamsin finally find the blood. It forces Tamsin to have a major flashback. In her memory, Trick is a major jerk-ass who calls her ugly and a vulture. He refuses to let her take Rainer’s soul. He offers to give her renewed youth and a second chance to un-damn her soul if he can curse Rainer from existence.

The crows return Bo to the train. She meets Rainer who is super hot. He touches her and there’s a sudden light show. Could he be an Incubus? He seems to have some sort of love touch like Bo. Suddenly, Bo reappears with a de-cursed Rainer. Burn! It turns out she made her choice. Neither Dyson or Lauren. Sorry Lysol!

Who Is Going to Die?

Will it be Trick, who is being a real d**k? Will Dyson or Lauren sacrifice themselves to save Bo? Or maybe it will be Tamsin who is on her last life? 

Succu-Best Lines of the Night

“Just wait a minute, Patty Hearst! Is that not the same black smoke that took you from this s**thole in the first place?” – Kenzi insulting Trick’s bar

“Trickster, why are you PMSing over that gorgeous smoky crowy ass-face hot jerk?” – Typical Kenzi

“You’re Yoda! Force must use problem to answer find… yes?” – Kenzi