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18 Reasons ‘The Office’ Needs To Come Back To TV

The Office ended May 16, 2013. That might only be a year and a half ago, but with fall TV in full swing, The Office fans can feel the show’s presence missing from our lives. Can’t they just reunite and make new episodes already? Every other show/movie is getting redone or sequels or put on Netflix, why not skip the waiting period and do it now?


1. This show taught us amazing life lessons, like that you can be both feared and loved.

2. We also learned this very useful bit of advice about mistletoe.

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3. The show gave us aspirations that we could do more than just sit in an office. 

4. Kelly Kapoor is the reason we know what to say to sound smart.

5. And Michael broke the very important news over who loves pizza.

6. Kevin taught us all what dreams really are.

7. Our inner child smiled when Dwight used this insult we’ve been throwing at our friends since we could read.

8. This show introduced u s to a new National holiday.

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9. They gave us hope to one day create such an amazing holiday card with our own co-workers.

10. Characters like Jim created places no one ever knew they wanted, but once we heard of them, we needed them.

11. But speaking of Jim, The Office also showed us that office romances can bloom into the most powerful and amazing things in the world.

12. The show gave us the perfect insult for Negative Nancys.

13. It also reminded us there are too many people on this planet.

14. Prison Mike let everyone know why we should never wind up in prison.

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15. Stanley gave everyone a new life motto.

16. Jim and Dwight gave us very tough decisions. Did we love Jim as Dwight?

17. Or Dwight as Jim, more?

18. And honestly, is TV really even funny anymore if people aren’t force-feeding Kevin vegetables?

What do you miss the most about The OfficeTweet us your answers!


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