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10 Stages of Grief for When Your Favorite Show Gets Cancelled

It’s the time of year when TV networks say out with the old and in with the new. But if one of your favorite shows was a casualty, you’re probably feeling some deep, intense grief right now. Sure, it may have had low ratings, but you loved it – and you know others did too! If you’re lucky, the show will get picked up by another network or digital platform (Yay for The Mindy Project on Hulu!), but if you’re not, you’re doomed to re-watch old episodes and dream of what could have been (Sorry, Forever fans). Here are the stages of grief every TV lover has experienced at some point:

1. Denial

No this can’t be true. Let me confirm with 20 other news sources.

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2. Confusion


3. Anger

How could the network DO this?!

4. Sadness.

So many tears.

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5. Fear

What will I do without this show? It’s my life!

6. Helplessness

What can I do to change this? There must be something.

7. Determination

I will get this show back on the air! Tweeting, petitioning, sending things to the network…anything to get them to change their minds.

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8. Bargaining

If you pick up this show, Hulu, I’ll get all my friends to watch. I promise.

9. Depression

All fan efforts fail and you’re left with a hole in your life.

10. Acceptance

You think about all the good times you had together. It was brief, but you can treasure it forever.

How do YOU deal when your fave show gets cancelled? Tell us in the comment section below!

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