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The Bachelor Week 2: It Was All About The Boobs

Last night, Nick Viall‘s quest for love continued with 22 single women in competition for his heart. As it always is in the first few weeks of any Bachelor/Bachelorette season, there’s a ton of drama, claws out and shocking moments to keep your eyes glued to the TV for 2 hours. With the first round of dates to get through, it wasn’t a surprise to see a lot of neediness, desperation, jealousy and cattiness come out as the women fought for Nick’s time. However, if you missed the circus show on ABC here are the key moments you need to know so you can bounce like you saw every minute.

1. Corinne

It’s hard not to feel kind of bad for the 24-year-old, Miami-based daddy’s girl, who has comfortably slid into the role of the season’s villain. There’s no doubt she’s cute and ambitious, but it’s pretty obvious she won’t be making it to the final rose ceremony. As part of the first group date, all the girls had to dress up as various types of brides to take wedding pictures with Nick. Dubbed the “beach bride” Corinne had zero hesitations of getting in the pool with him, taking off her bikini top and having him cup her boobs from behind for jaw-dropping pics. She seems to thinks overt sexual behavior is the way to Nick’s heart, but really she just comes off as a desperate. If there was ever an example of what not to do…Corinne is it.

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2. The awkward night time date.

Of course, every group day date is followed by a few hours of drinks and conversation. While each tried to find time to get to know Nick, Corinne found a way to interrupt everyone to grab more time. It would be a slick move if she used these precious moments to learn about Nick, but really all she did was orally assault his face and tell him how hot he was. It wasn’t much better for the other girls, whose conversations with the bachelor were stunted, awkward, and felt more like 5-minute speed dating as opposed to establishing any real connections. Really, it was mostly about everyone trying to make out with Nick, and watching all that face sucking…kinda sucked.

3. Alexis the dolphin girl.

Not gonna lie, it was “dolphinitely” exciting to see our girl Alexis on the first group date. She was outgoing, fun and funny, but the real eye-popper was when she had alone time with Nick later in the evening, bringing out two cupcakes with candles to celebrate her one year “boob-iversary.” Yup! A year ago exactly, she had her chest stuffed and was pretty excited to share this special day with Nick. A great moment for TV, but not so much to secure a lasting relationship with him.

4. The Liz drama.

Ok. We all know Liz met Nick 9 months prior at a wedding. They got drunk, had sex, he asked for her number and she said no. Regretting this decision, Liz popped up on the show, throwing him for a loop and making it sufficiently awkward for herself and Nick. Last night, Liz finally confided in Christen her history, and Christen was actually cool and didn’t spill the beans. It doesn’t matter though, because during the second group date, Liz basically put her heart on the line and confessed all her feelings to Nick during a “faux breakup” activity. Obviously not comfortable, he grew some balls later that night and let Liz know he didn’t think there was a connection, and it was better if they said good-bye. Later Liz.

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5. Nick’s connection with Danielle M.

Danielle M. was the lucky girl to get the first one-on-one date with Nick. Being from the same small town with strong midwest roots, their date was about as exciting as vanilla pudding. However together they are very, very sweet. They connected on a real level, where Danielle showed a lot of vulnerability, class, calm, and maturity, which sparked true magic between them. Their physical affection was appropriate, well-timed, and super cute. It was one of those rare heart swelling moments when you see a clear divide between the “fillers” and the “real deal.” It would not come as a shock if she makes it to the final rose!

The weeks are only going to get crazier and with front runners starting to emerge, who do you think will make it to the end?

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