11 Things Only ‘Scandal’ Fans Who Are Over Olitz Can Understand

It started off as a sexy, sultry and forbidden affair, but many fans of ABC’s Scandal soon grew weary of Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant III’s tumultuous relationship. Or as some may call them, “Olitz”. Though the duo could usually keep things hot and steamy in the bedroom, their relationship outside of it became cluttered in lies, deception and power plays. Oh and, let’s not forget the very real fact that Fitz is married with three children. Though Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are perfection and we remain Gladiators For Life, Olitz needs to be retired.

1. They take on again, off again to a whole new level.


They can’t work out because he’s POTUS, so what’s the point?!!

2. Fitz can’t even be “faithful” to his mistress. He slept with someone else as soon as Olivia left the White House.


And then Cryus had the girl killed.

3. Fitz throws Liv’s gut into a tailspin.


How can she be the head gladiator with a broken gut?

4. Fitz’s treatment of Mellie is disgusting and tiresome.


Seriously Mellie isn’t perfect, but at least she’s not a murderer….at least not by her own hand.

5. Liv choosing Fitz over Jake was the worst idea ever in life.


A BIG, HUGE, COLOSSAL MISTAKE. What’s wrong with Jake?!! He’s fine and super available!

6. What they have isn’t love!


In Liv’s own words, “You have nothing. You have a pile of secrets and lies and you’re calling it love.”

7. Complicated, difficult love is for the birds.


It gets you nothing but a lot of tears and a ton of heartbreak.

8. Fitz is neither happy nor great.


Cryus once told Fitz, “Some men aren’t meant to be happy. They’re meant to be great.” Well Fitz is neither of those things, he should at least focus his energy on being a better POTUS.

9. Vermont is cruel punishment.


Not only does Liv making jam seem highly unlikely, the fantasy of Vermont is cruel not only for Olitz, but for Scandal fans as well.

10. They constantly waste good phone time.


Surely after all this time there is more to say than just Hi.

11. Fitz is NO BUENO!


Sure he’s sexy and charming and all of that jazz, but he’s been murdering people since before his presidency. He can barely run the country, and he’s basically the worst husband ever.

Despite all of this Olivia seems to have chosen Fitz…for real this time. Let’s just hope season 5 Olitz won’t stop her from being the gladiator that she’s meant to be. 


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