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7 Things ‘Sex And The City’ Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of the Sex And The City crew are inescapable icons, but that means their fans tend to deal with a lot of idiocy. Curious to know what this fandom is tired of hearing? Here are 7 things that should stop being said ASAP!

1. “Ugh, you’re a fan of that show too? How cliché!”


If you’re coming across so many fans of the show, it’s probably because it’s good.

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2. “Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t pretty.”


Shut your mouth, she is gorgeous and an icon!

3. “The second movie was terrible how can you like Sex And The City?”


You do know that there was a TV series and a first movie, right? Obviously it wasn’t all bad to make it that far.

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4. “Are you one of those people who move to New York City because of you watched that show?”


I’m sure no one has ever made a major life discussion based on one show, so just stop!

5. “Kim Cattrall was too old to play a sexual character like that.”


Funny, do you say the same thing about old male characters who don’t look half as good as her, yet magically get laid all the time?

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6. Oh, so does that mean you watch  Girls?


Stop comparing the two, they have very little in common.

7. “Stop trying to be like Carrie Bradshaw.”


If that means I’m trying to be Carrie Bradshaw, then so be it!

What are you tired of hearing? Tweet us your answers to the Twitter handles below!

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