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14 Times Amy Schumer Said What We Were All Thinking

How is it that Amy Schumer always seems to say what we’re thinking? Her parodies on Inside Amy Schumer are spot-on and her observations about life as a woman as so accurate, they’re scary. Let’s revisit every time Amy related to us on a very real, deep level.

1. When she skewered men’s butt obsession with this clever music video.

2. When she managed to parody our favorite show Friday Night Lights, and comment on rape culture at the same time.

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3. When she perfectly captured the awkwardness of sexting.

4. When she fibbed her way through a conversation about sports.

5. When she expressed what guys really think when girls don’t wear makeup.

6. When she shared our views on food.

7. When she presented the eternal struggle of selfies. We can’t all be Kim K.

8. When she got real about her adolescence.

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9. When she dissed MTV on MTV. It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.

10. When she described her feelings about working out.

11. When she was honest about her hotness level.

12. When she hilariously poked fun at ageism in Hollywood.

13. When she admitted her fears of the dreaded double chin.

14. When she was open about what it’s like to get ready every day.

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Get out of our head, Amy! Tell us some of YOUR favorite Amy Schumer moments!

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