TV Shows To Catch Up On Before the Summer Ends


It’s August now, which means that days are getting shorter, movie theaters are trading explosions for emotional drama, and fall television premieres are fast approaching. Sure, you could spend these last few weeks enjoying the sunshine or going to the beach, but wouldn’t it be more fun (and productive) to use the longer days to finally have that Scandal marathon you’ve been meaning to get to? Once September comes, you’ll have a hard time finding the time in your schedule and space in your DVR to keep track of all of the biggest, buzziest, and most addicting shows on television. In order to help you use the end of summer wisely, we’ve run down all of the shows you should make time to catch up on before they return in the fall. After all, do you really want to be the only one who can’t quote Luther the Anger Translator? We thought not. 

Scandal: Returns September 25 at 9 pm
The fun of watching Scandal consists of one part shouting at the television (“No, Olivia! You’re better than him!”), one part attempting to keep up with the crazy twists and turns, and one part live-tweeting the show with a glass of wine. Don’t be the only person on you timeline not keeping up with Olivia, Fitz, and Mellie just because the last season started giving you a headache. Besides, this is your shot to try and catch all of the ridiculous ways that the show tried to conceal Kerry Washington’s pregnancy with drapey cardigans and well-placed props.  
Where to Catch Up: Netflix Instant

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Returns September 28 at 8:30 pm
We know, we know: you’re not a fan of Andy Samberg. That’s okay, you’re still going to love Brooklyn Nine-Nine anyway. Though the first few episodes were focused more on his character, Jake Peralta, the show quickly settled into an ensemble comedy that balanced out his over-the-top traits to find a remarkably self-assured sitcom, despite only producing one season. Come on, you know you want to watch Andre Braugher deadpan his way through a conversation about hula hopping, Terry Crews attempt to put together a princess castle and Joe Lo Truglio talk about “mouth feel.” (It’s less gross than it sounds.)
Where to Catch Up: Hulu Plus

Parks and Recreation: Return date TBA
We’ll be the first to admit that the sixth season of Parks and Rec  wasn’t the show’s strongest. Still the back half had plenty of strong episodes and hilarious moments – including Ben drunkenly attempting to climb a fence and Donna threatening to embarrass her cousin, Ginuwine, at the Unity Concert  – and the season finale shook everything up before the seventh and final season. And let’s be real, you probably still haven’t hit Chris Pratt overload yet, and there’s no greater joy than watching him run around a store in giddy excitement because Leslie let him get two candies.
Where to Catch Up: Netflix Instant, Hulu Plus

Key and Peele:  Returns September 24 at 10:30 pm
If you don’t fall into spasms of laughter every time you hear a football player’s ridiculous name or don’t understand why people keep pluralizing “Liam Neeson,” you definitely need to watch Key and Peele. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are masters of sketch comedy, and every episode has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in political satire, poorly-financed music videos, or substitute teachers prone to rage blackouts. Even President Obama watches Key and Peele, so you really should too.
Where to Catch Up: Comedy, YouTube, Amazon

Sleepy HollowFOX

Sleepy Hollow: Returns September 22 at 9 pm 
The surprise hit of last year, Sleepy Hollow  is the perfect mix of ridiculous, over-the-top camp and intense, twist-heavy drama. Maybe you never took it seriously in the first place, or maybe you couldn’t get into the first few episodes, but now’s the time to embrace the cheesy, supernatural excitement in order to add a little fun to your fall TV schedule. Trust us: it’s worth following for Nicole Beharie and Tom Misom’s chemistry alone. 
Where to Catch Up: Hulu Plus

Arrow: Returns October 8 at 8 pm
Just in case you haven’t had enough superheroes, the CW has a few small-screen options as well. Arrow has everything you love about superhero movies, like handsome men, well-choreographed action sequences, wisecracking supporting characters, and the campy ridiculousness that comes with a show that features long sequences of Stephen Amell working out, on an addicting, weekly basis. All it’s really missing is a talking tree.
Where to Catch Up: Netflix Instant, Hulu Plus

Parenthood: Returns September 25 at 10 pm
Sometimes you want a television show that will keep you on the edge of your seat, sometimes you want a show that will make you laugh, but sometimes you want a show that will make you cry your eyes out and maybe call your mom. Parenthood is that show; it’s charming, relatable, heartwarming and tear-jerking and will help you recover from a bad day at work with a nice, cathartic cry. And for Friday Night Lights  fans, there’s the additional benefit of trying to find the connections to Dillon.
Where to Catch Up: Netflix Instant, Hulu Plus

The Mindy Project: Returns September 16 at 9:30 pm
The Mindy Project  isn’t a perfect show, but between seasons one and two, it’s improved drastically thanks to the addition of Xosha Roquemore and Adam Pally and the charming, goofy chemistry between Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina, which helped transform Danny Castellano from a handsome curmudgeon to a genuine romantic lead. Sure, the episodes are still a bit hit and miss and Ed Weeks deserves more than a B-plot, but there’s plenty to love about The Mindy Project, even if it is a bit difficult to get past the idea of Dennis Reynolds wooing a girl without the D.E.N.N.I.S. system. 
Where to Catch Up: Hulu Plus