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12 Ways We’re Sure Lady Gaga Will Dazzle Us on “American Horror Story: Hotel”

Normally, when you hear of pop stars joining popular TV shows you think “stunt casting.” But when we learned Lady Gaga was joining American Horror Story: Hotel, it just made sense. She’s playing Elizabeth, the wealthy owner of Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles. Show creator Ryan Murphy said her character is “consumed with art and fashion” and has a nefarious plan that will be revealed throughout the season. Here’s why we think Gaga will completely dazzle us in a role that seems tailor made for her.

1. Her costumes

Since we already know her character is into art and fashion – just like Gaga in real life –  we expect nothing less than astonishing glamour from Elizabeth’s wardrobe.

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2. Hair and makeup

A fabulous costume wouldn’t be complete with phenomenal hair and makeup. From the glimpses we’ve seen so far, her hair and makeup team don’t disappoint. (Though her look is considerably more toned down than the above GIF.)

3. Her flair for drama

Gaga knows how to bring the drama on stage, so why wouldn’t she bring a similar flair to her first big acting role?

4. Sex appeal

Elizabeth will apparently have involvements with both men and women. Rawr.

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5. Her scary side

Gaga isn’t afraid to get weird. She has a dark side, which she has shown in some of her music videos, and she’ll definitely bring that to this role. They don’t call her Mother Monster for nothin’.

6. Cast chemistry

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The cast is already getting along swimmingly. Gaga even hosted a pool party – where she dyed the water blood red – for her new cast mates. They seem to love her right back.

7. Stage presence

We don’t doubt Gaga will be able to carry a role this big. Her dominating stage presence has proved that.

8. Fierce attitude

Sounds like you need a fierce attitude to pull off this character, and Gaga’s got it.

9. Being a badass boss

We’re already sure we wouldn’t want to cross her AHS character.

10. A b*tch face to rival Jessica Lange’s

Jessica Lange isn’t appearing in this season, so it’s up to Gaga to fill her shoes. We think she’ll be able to give good b*tch face.

11. Her ever-changing personas

Gaga is always playing different characters, whether it’s on stage or on the red carpet. Remember her male alter ego? Guess you can say she was born to do this acting thing.

12. Her singing

Ok, so Ryan Murphy said she WON’T be singing on the show…but we’re still holding out hope for a musical moment of some kind.

Are YOU excited for Lady Gaga on American Horror Story: Hotel? Tell us why!


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