Spielberg Is Money

Surprise, surprise.

Just when you thought Steven Spielberg has picked up every single award there is, the “Saving Private Ryan” and “Jurassic Park” mega-helmer has been named the world’s most bankable movie director in a survey of industry execs.

The poll was conducted by the trade mag The Hollywood Reporter. It asked industry top dogs to rank directors and directing teams around the world based on their marketability, bankability and clout.

After top dog Spielberg is “Titanic” titan James Cameron (No. 2), followed by “Star Wars” guy George Lucas (No. 3), erstwhile “Happy Days” geek Ron Howard (No. 4) and the upcoming “Planet of the Apes” helmer Tim Burton (No. 5).

Actress-director Jodie Foster, at No. 51, was the highest-ranking woman. And Spike Lee was the highest-ranked black director at No. 76 among the 800 directors named.

And in case you’re wondering who topped the list last year, well, it was also Spielberg.

Surprise, surprise.

Here’s the survey’s Top 10:

1) Steven Spielberg

2) James Cameron

3) George Lucas

4) Ron Howard

5) Tim Burton

6) Martin Scorsese

7) John Woo

8) Ridley Scott

9) Robert Zemeckis

10) Michael Bay