‘American Idol’: Why Was Nicki Minaj Late?

Nicki Minaj Idol

When American Idol began Wednesday night, fans of the reality series were left to stare at their TV sets, wondering, in true Nicki Minaj fashion, “O-kay?” For the judge, who has become both beloved and maligned for her brutal honesty and bedazzled fashion sense, was nowhere to be found at the beginning of the telecast.

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Eventually — though the audience at CBS Television City was not informed the judge would be late prior to the telecast — Minaj showed up 15 minutes late, with Ryan Seacrest blaming traffic. Minaj seemed to confirm Seacrest’s claim on Twitter:

Like we said, o-kay, Nicki. We’d love to believe you, but “traffic” is far too simple an excuse for a star as extravagant as you. (Even though, as our Hollywood.com source within the theater tells us, you apply your own makeup while Mariah Carey boasts three make-up artists.) So why was Nicki really late? We have our own guesses. Which do you think explains her tardiness? Vote below!

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[Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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