Break Out the Felt Goatees: The 12 Best TV and Movie Bad Guys of 2012


evil Abed

2012 gave us a lot of heroes on screens big and small. But as much as we may identify with, or aspire to, the good guys, there’s an old axiom that forever rings true: it’s good to be bad. And did 2012 ever give us a great assortment of villainy: from animation to reality TV to a cross-dressing Hugo Weaving. There was a lot of mustache-twirling going on, even if Community proved that goatees have replaced mustaches as any self-respecting villain’s facial hair of choice.

Click through our gallery of the best pop culture bad guys of 2012 and feel free to nominate your own picks in the comments below:

The 12 Best TV and Movie Bad Guys of 2012

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