Jimmy Kimmel Proves that Everyone at Coachella Is Just Lying to Sound Cooler — VIDEO

Credit: ABC

Word to the wise: never be afraid to admit that you don’t know something. Sure, maybe someone will think you’re dumb. But when you opt, and inevitably fail, to cover up your ignorance with paper thin lies, you’ll look even dumber. Which is especially humiliating when you’re on national television. And dressed like a mindless hippie.

Jimmy Kimmel sought to expose the deceptive nature of the free-wheelin’, music-lovin’ community by sending his camera crew to the grounds of their proverbial Mecca: Coachella. While on the festival grounds, Jimmy Kimmel Live!  duped a collection of the scantily clad bongo aficianados by asking them their opinions on completely fake bands. Afraid of sounding too far from the pulse, each and every one of these hemp-hockin’ hooligans went for the lie — they all pretended to know these entirely made up music groups. And their entirely made up energies. Watch below, and then go put on a tie just to remind yourself that you’re better than these people:

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