JTT on ‘Last Man Standing’: Did ABC’s ‘Home Improvement’ Reunion Have Enough Power?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas guest starred on Tim Allen's Last Man Standing

Were you expecting a full 30 minutes of Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Tim Allen quoting Home Improvement lines when the former child star guested on Allen’s ABC sitcom Last Man Standing? Unfortunately for the nostalgists in all of us, we got more like two minutes of JTT total, with about 45 seconds of them spent with his former TV dad.

We first met Thomas’ character, John Baker, while Allen’s current eldest TV daughter, Kristen, was on a date with her baby daddy. John, a friend and former coworker of Kristin’s, owns the fancy restaurant where the couple dined. Kristen complained to her pal about her status in the family, leading to JTT’s first wink at HI: “A lot of times that middle child ends up being the funny one because he wants the attention,” his character joked.

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We finally got our true Home Improvement reunion when John dropped by to pick up Kristen for their carpool, and Allen’s Mike Baxter thought he’d seen John somewhere before. “Damn, you look familiar,” he grunted.

Was the hype worth it? The interaction between Allen and Thomas was short but very sweet. And considering the Season 2 finale ended with Kristen starting her first shift at John’s restaurant, the door is open for the actor to return on a regular basis.

What did you think of the much-hyped JTT appearance?

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