Kim Kardashian Screams At Khloe For Waking Her On ‘Kourtney & Kim Take New York’

Last night on Kourtney & Kim Take New York, we watched as Kim Kardashian lashed out at Khloe (both in person and via BlackBerry Messenger) for waking her up to tell her she and Kourtney were leaving the hotel. What happened was Khloe quietly walked into Kim’s room, complimented her on how tan she was, and then Kim readjusted her pillow and said it was really rude of Khloe to come in and wake her up when she had one more hour to sleep. Kim maintained she told everyone the night before she was going to sleep in a little bit the next morning and she was not to be disturbed, and so it made her crazy how Khloe would disobey her wishes, and assumed it was because she wished she was more like her. Shocked at Kim’s response to them just saying goodbye, Khloe and Kourtney left Kim’s room and left the hotel and got into their car, only to receive an angry phone call from Kim and then angry BBMs, claiming Khloe was a troll and stupid and so disrespectful and awful and seriously jealous of Kim’s life. And then it was wonderfully amazing to watch Kim turn Khloe’s misbehaving into further proof of how she despises her (then) husband, Kris Humphries.

We then saw Kim in Minnesota with Kris, asking him if he missed her and whether or not he actually liked it that they were married and she was in New York and he was in Minnesota. Kris said he kinda did because he didn’t have any distractions like nightclubs or children to prevent him from working out and practicing his basketball, and this was obviously upsetting to Kim because she wants them to be able to have their fights about toothpaste spatter on the mirror in the same room. Then Kris told her she smelled, and threw her on the bed, and it’s still unclear how she thought that extra hour of sleep would have made a difference in her visit.

Source: E! Online